12 October 2022

The event that saw the presentation of the partnership between ChainOn and Lega Pro, which will enable in a disintermediated form, with the use of proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the matching of League and Club sponsorship opportunities and demand from sponsor companies, has recently concluded in Florence at Lega Pro headquarters.

In the same context, the Sponsor Value research, conducted by StageUp and Ipsos Italia, was also presented, which attested to how the Pro League is increasingly popular. Almost 13 million Italians are interested in the Serie C Championship: the phenomenon of cheering in the Pro League is unique in terms of the territorial distribution of teams, since it involves 19 regions and more than 50 provinces.

In addition to ChainOn CEO Giovanni Palazzi and StageUp CEO Federico Gaetano, speakers included Lega Pro Vice President Marcel Vulpis and Lega Pro President Francesco Ghirelli, who about the innovative partnership with ChainOn emphasized, “As a League we have very deep roots, and precisely because of this we are able to innovate quickly. You are innovators ‘before,’ not ‘after,’ and you are innovators by putting your face to it.

For more in-depth details, here is the link to the detailed Press Release in Italian and a gallery of the day and major highlights from the Sponsor Value research!