In this report, made by ChainOn, are illustred the most imporant features about the growth and the evoltuion of MotoGP.

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Executive summary:

– Slight growth for female MotoGP enthusiasts, who now represent 14.2% of the total. The over 45s, however, remain the largest group of fans

– Almost two-thirds of MotoGP fans worldwide are European

– According to fans, MotoGP performs well in the most important attributes for motorsport. However, 66% of respondents believe that more should be done to attract new fans

Fabio Quartararo is the rider most loved by the fans, followed by Marquez with 2 percentage points less (21.8% vs 19.6%)

Free-to-air TV remains the most used medium to access MotoGP, a much lower percentage for the various social media

– 41% of fans say they want to participate in at least one live event in the next few years