Looking for the best opportunity to promote your business? Investing in sport is the most effective communication channel, thanks to the emotions and experiences that can only be had during sporting events!

What are you waiting for? Log in to ChainOn, register for free until 31/12/2023 with just a few clicks and discover all the sponsorship opportunities proposed by the thousands of registered sporting entities: many investors have found the best opportunities at competitive prices and with significant savings compared to market proposals!


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Find the best opportunity for you: different levels of investment, clubs of all sports and all categories, nationwide. From Serie A to youth sectors, everyone can register with ChainOn and enter their offers

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By subscribing to ChainOn, you will be able to get exclusive, free reports on major sporting events and market research carried out by our staff. In addition, we organise online marketing courses, involving sports business players


Access news, insights, opinions on all the most important facts, trends and opportunities in the markets of interest and don’t miss any updates¬†of what’s happening in the Marketplace

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Benefit from a dedicated section that collects all your contracts being traded, outstanding, and completed with investor counterparties

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Identifies, through artificial intelligence and a search engine, sponsorship offers that are in line with your needs, with vertical and depth information

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