Are you looking for sponsors? ChainOn is the right solution for you: register for free until 28/02/2024 and in a few minutes, upload your sponsorship offer and get in touch with investors.
Thousands of sports clubs are within ChainOn and have found sponsors for their club!


It is easy and free of charge; it only takes a few minutes

Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address and click on the SELLER button to qualify. Accept the data and privacy policy and confirm your registration. You will receive an e-mail within a few moments and will be able to log in to the platform for the first time

Complete registration to enter your sponsorship offers! Enter your sports organisation’s data: contact details, company name, legal information, VAT number, iban, description of your organisation and target audience. In this way you can structure your offers and start to get in contact with sellers

Enter the details of your company’s legal representative: the information is needed to start negotiations and conclude agreements safely

The best content at a price never seen before

Zero cost registration and services at super competitive prices.

*The cost of €800 includes the creation of the private site only, where you can promote exclusive offers. All other additional services (e.g. activation of promotional plans – e.g. digital advertising – email marketing services to customers and adv. spaces. – e.g., banners within the marketplace and ChainOn site) will be quoted upon request!


Share your sponsorship offer!

It’s quick and easy. The pre-set form will only need to be filled out and will allow you to create a sponsorship offer with just a few clicks and simplicity

ChainOn is for all

All sports, of any sport and for any level, can enter their sponsorship offers, which will be visible to investors

Report and Exclusive Courses

By subscribing to ChainOn, you will be able to get exclusive, free reports on major sporting events and market research carried out by our staff. In addition, we organise online marketing courses, involving sports business players


Access news, insights, opinions on all the most important facts, trends and opportunities in the markets of interest and don’t miss any updates of what’s happening in the Marketplace

Compare offers

Use a search engine to analyse the offers on the platform: compare your proposals with those of the sports organisations operating in your sector or in your geographical area, in order to create proposals in line with market demands

Dedicated Area for

Benefit from a dedicated section that collects all your contracts being traded, outstanding, and completed with investor counterparties

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