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Live an experience that makes the difference

Share sponsorshipoffers.

Create and share sponsorship offers that can be viewed within the Platform by registered Vendors and Investors

Dedicated Area for

Benefit from a dedicated section that collects all your contracts being traded, outstanding, and completed with investor counterparties

opportunitiesand peers

Identify, through artificial intelligence and a search engine, sponsoring companies in your industry, opportunities for benchmarking, and sponsors who have agreed with peers

Shared offers’ performance.

View all your shared sponsorship offers in a dedicated area where you can also track their views, visits and interest

Insights and latest updates

Access news, insights, opinions on all the most important facts, trends and opportunities in the markets of interest and don’t miss any updates of what’s happening in the Marketplace


Benefit from an area dedicated to you that collects all updates, sponsorship offers, contracts, news and Marketplace movements, so you never fall behind

Proprietary Algorithms

Benefit from algorithms that will suggest product sectors and companies that might show the most interest in your sponsorship offers

Our registered sponsee

The registrationprocess

Three steps to have the maximum of opportunities

The individual who registers provides ChainOn with his or her first name, last name, email, and the name of the Vendor for which he or she works. These elements are used to create an Account and start the navigation on the Platform.

he User shall disclose to ChainOndata of the company of the Vendor to which they belong in order to:
(I) acquire information;
(II) structure a sponsorship offer;
(III) build a showcase of opportunities for sale;
(IV) contact Investors also to attempt sales.

The User communicates to ChainOn the proxies and electronic signature data of the Vendor.
This data is necessary to securely initiate negotiations and conclude agreements on Blockchain by means of Smart Contracts.

The best content at a price never seen before

Zero cost registration and services at super competitive prices.

*The cost of €2,000 includes the creation of the private site only, where you can promote exclusive offers. All other additional services (e.g. activation of promotional plans – e.g. digital advertising – email marketing services to customers and adv. spaces. – e.g., banners within the marketplace and ChainOn site) will be quoted upon request!

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