Because it is EASY, QUICK, IMMEDIATE AND SECURE. Because keeping up with the times requires immediacy, speed and real opportunities. And because the revolutionary technology on which ChainOn is based makes all the difference.

On ChainOn, sports clubs and investors wishing to promote their corporate brand find their meeting point: in just a few minutes, a sponsorship agreement can be closed to their mutual satisfaction.

To give some numbers on the sponsorship market in Italy and in the World, it is opprtune to point out that the global sponsorship market is worth over $ 57 billion today and will reach $ 109 billion in 2030 (source. Pwc).

ChainOn is based on cutting-edge technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are among the most pervasive innovations in business efficiency and effectiveness. Blockchain will grow by + 80.2% worldwide in the 2018-23 period reaching $ 23.3 billion by 2023Artificial intelligence, which was worth $ 24.9 billion in 2018, will hit $ 390.9 billion in 2025. Sport, entertainment and culture will be among the sectors that will obtain their greatest benefits from the affirmation of these technologies, together with luxury, energy, health, insurance, real estate and automotive sectors.

ChainOn wants to be the pivot of this Revolution, accompanying event organizers, clubs and protagonists in their professional growth: accompanying event organizers, clubs and stakehorders in a paradigm change that will allow to combine innovation, professionalism, satisfaction of the public and investors, environmental and economic sustainability.

With this aim, first in the field of sport sponsorships and then in cultural and entertainment sponsorship and media rightsChainOn will offer: (1) access to structured database for sellers and investors; (2) algorithms that identify the most profitable available opportunities and the most compatible ones for a commercial proposal; (3) the use of a proprietary forecasting ROI (Return On Investment) model based on the 20-year database of the Sponsor Value survey carried out by StageUp in partnership with Ipsos, the third largest player in the world in market research, listed on the Paris stock exchange; (4) a complete digital management system: from the contact to signing and contract management; (5) a 80% reduction in research, negotiation, contracts, documentation and management costs!

About us

ChainOn is born in december 2019, and it is the spin-off of StageUp, one of the research and advisoring players of reference in the markets of the sports, culture and entertainment. In January 2020, in order to strengthen UP from a competitive and financial point of view, the founding partners that include Fibo Spa, the financial firm of the cooperative system of Bologna, were joined by Par-Tec Spa, one of the system integrators of reference in the telecommunications and finance markets.

What we do

ChainOn wants to completely revolutionise the global sponsorship and media rights market with a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading marketplace based on the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence

$ billions Global sport, culture and entertainment market worth in 2019
$ billions Global sponsorship market worth in 2021
$ billions Global blockchain market in 2023
% CAGR (Compound Growth Rate) of global market of technology applied to sport over the period 2018-23
$ Billions Worth of global sport market in 2025
$ billions global market of technology applied to sport worth in 2021
% CAGR (Compound Growth Rate) of global blockchain market over the period 2018-23
€ Millions Worth of italian sponsorship market in 2021
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