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With a total value of over $ 800 billion, the global sports, culture and entertainment market is one of the most important worldwide.  The Sport market alone reached $ 488 billion in 2018 and will reach $ 614 billion by 2022.

At the same time, blockchain and artificial intelligence are among the most pervasive innovations for the companies  efficiency and effectiveness. Blockchain will grow by + 80.2% worldwide in the 2018-23 period reaching $ 23.3 billion by 2023. Artificial intelligence, which was worth $ 24.9 billion in 2018, will hit $ 390.9 billion in 2025. Sport, entertainment and culture will be among the sectors that will obtain their greatest benefits from the affirmation of these technologies, together with energy, health, insurance, real estate and automotive sectors.

ChainOn wants to be the pivot of this Revolution, accompanying event organizers, clubs and protagonists in their professional growth: accompanying event organizers, clubs and stakehorders in a professional growth: a change of paradigm that will allow to combine innovation, professionalism, satisfaction of the public and investors, environmental and economic sustainability.

With this aim, first in the field of sponsorships and then in media and licensing rights, ChainOn will offer:  (1) access to structured database for sellers and investors; (2) algorithms that identify the most profitable available opportunities and the most compatible ones for a commercial proposal; (3) the use of a proprietary forecasting ROI (Return On Investment) model based on the 20-year database of the Sponsor Value survey carried out by StageUp  in partnership with Ipsos , the third largest player in the world in market research, listed on the Paris stock exchange; (4) a complete digital management system: from the contact to signing and contract management; (5) a 80% reduction in research, negotiation, contracts, documentation and management costs!


ChainOn was created by and belongs to UP Srl, an Innovative SME (a special kind of italian technological companies with an important tax reduction for the investors) which was born in December 2019 from the spin-off of StageUp, one of the research and advisoring players of reference in the markets of the sports, culture and entertainment. In January 2020, in order to strengthen UP from a competitive and financial point of view, the founding partners (that include Fibo Spa the financial firm of the cooperative system of Bologna with Unipol Gruppo Finanziario  beetween the shareholders) were joined by Par-Tec Spa, one of the system integrators of reference in the telecommunications and finance markets.


ChainOn wants to revolutionize the global sponsorship, media and licensing right market with a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading marketplace based on the blockchain and the artificial intelligence. Through these technologies, ChainOn will also make the tokenization process possible, i.e. the transformation of sponsorship rights into digital tokens that can be exchanged on the cryptocurrency market with anticipation of the future revenues of the sellers.


$ billions Global sport, culture and entertainment market worth in 2019


$ Billions Worth of global sponsorship market in 2019


$ billions Global sport, culture and entertainment market worth in 2019


% CAGR (Compound Growth Rate) of global artificial intelligence market over the period 2018-25


% CAGR (Compound Growth Rate) of global blockchain market over the period 2018-23


$ Billions Worth of global sport sponsorship market in 2019


$ Billions Global Artificial Intelligence market worth in 2025


€ Millions Worth of italian sponsorship market in 2019


news e approfondimenti sponsorizzazioni sportive


The Financial Times argues that information is the real engine/ oil of our century. This quote is even true in areas such as sponsorship or media rights, which are often not clear and not adequately considered by traditional media, despite the interest of hundreds of thousands of managers all over the world. For this reason, ChainOn, directly or in collaboration with partners, will provide news, insights, opinions on all the most important facts relating to the markets of interest. News will be as operational as possible (as for example How much does an operation cost? How long will it last?), but at the same time professional (as for example, What are the reasons behind an agreement?).

news sulle sponsorizzazioni sportive


With ChainOn, investors and rightsholders will have a large database of sponsorship opportunities, media and licensing rights. The database, through an artificial intelligence solution powered by a web crawler that will scan the internet 24 hours a day 365 days a year, will offer opportunities from both the Marketplace (which can be deepened and purchased with a click) and from the Internet network (on which there will be studies and indications as to the contact). A global observatory, unique and updated daily, which can be organized with the ChainOn algorithms and analysed with the Search Engine.

database sponsor sport


An Investor Database will be available in ChainOn, which will present the most important data and the investments made by companies in sport, culture and entertainment. As with the Opportunities Database, the Investors database will also be powered by information obtained using the artificial intelligence solution powered by a web crawler that will scan the internet 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A global observatory, unique and updated daily that can be organized with the ChainOn algorithms and analysed with the Search Engine.

market place sponsorizzazione sportiva


ChainOn allows a vendor/seller  to organize and expose sponsorship, media and licensing opportunities easily and with effectiveness. The Digital Showcases are a real marketing tool that allows users, even without technological experience and belonging to realities of all sizes and sectors, to organize, build, plan, enhance and promote the projects marketed. The input data for each opportunity, in addition to creating information support, will generate the conditions for the ChainOn Algorithms can link the project with the most compatible investor and process the ROI (Return on Investment).

sponsorizzazioni sportive blockchain


ChainOn’s proprietary algorithms suggest to the sellers the product sectors and companies that can show the greatest interest in their offer; on the other hand, they show partnership opportunities with greater ROI  (Return on Investment) to potential buyers. The algorithms are based on the application of artificial intelligence to Sponsor Value data, the auditel of the markets for sporting, cultural and spectacular events carried out, since 2001, in partnership between StageUp company from which ChainOn was born, one of the main Italian-owned companies in research, consultancy and advisoring in the sports, culture and entertainment markets and Ipsos 3rd company in the world in market research, listed on the Paris stock exchange.

database personale


Each seller and each buyer, in addition to the possibility of using the ChainOn algorithms, will be able to investigate the market and the competitors, using a search engine that will operate both on the Opportunity and on the Investors Database. For example, a seller will be able to find the companies sponsoring in his region with a certain spending limit or identify the sponsors that have been contracted by a competitor. On the other hand, a buyer will find the projects with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) in a given region or whose subjects will sponsor a competing company in its business sector.

sponsor tecnologia blockchain


Usually the great difficulty of enter into a sponsorship agreement or the sale of TV rights or, even, licensing, is represented by the realization, negotiation and management (including the possible dispute litigation) of the deal. The mere execution and negotiation of the contract can be complex and, in any case, it can last for weeks, or months. The innovative solution offered by ChainOn is the Smart Contract, a digital contract with legal validity that simplifies the realization, negotiation and execution of the agreement. With this innovative method, instead of week, the negotiation will last only few days or even minutes, in the case of real time. Smart Contracts also allow: eliminating national borders for subscription and payments; the security of collections at due dates; the possibility of automation of remuneration linked to results and the management of litigations quickly, thanks to online arbitration.

investimento sponsor sportivo token


The Token is a particular type of Smart Contract that can be freely traded on the internet in exchange for cryptocurrencies. A Token allows an investor, for example, to expose  three minutes of an advertising message on the LEDs of a sports competition. After purchasing the Token, the buyer can advertise his product, or sell it again with the possibility of making a profit. The tokenizable assets are many and range from sponsorships, to audiovisual products, passing through the rights of events reserved for fans. Tokens are a very strong leverage in order to widen the offer and mobilize important quantities of resources. UP with the ChainOn platform can manage the entire Token issue project, obtain the sales permit from the financial authorities in charge, build them digitally and distribute them.


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