Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro, ChainOn’s partner, has announced in recent days the multi-year extension of its agreement with the Consorzio Cigierre: Old Wild West, the group’s brand, will thus remain the “title sponsor” of LNP in the 2023/2024 season as well, giving continuity to a relationship that began in 2017.

Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro, which has among its associates all the teams that participate in the A2 and B Series basketball leagues (more than 70 teams) thus links up with a reality that has more than 230 restaurants scattered throughout Italy. Several marketing operations have been carried out by LNP and OWW in recent years, such as the 15% discount in restaurants for LNP Company subscribers, or dedicated social posts for daily visibility in digital as well (“Gunslinger of the Week” and “Video Top10,” as examples).

ChainOn has been LNP’s Official Innovation Partner since July 2022, creating a link that allows affiliates of Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro to negotiate and conclude deals by leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms, thus expanding the possible sponsorship market. ChainOn has been present at all the big events promoted by LNP this season, such as the league presentation and the LNP Italian Cup.

There is mutual satisfaction in giving continuity to the agreement, as highlighted by Pietro Basciano (president of LNP) and Daniele Crucil, (Marketing Director Cigierre): “The fact that Old Wild West has been by our side for six years is enough to testify how the mutual goals have been achieved.“-Says Basciano-“With the pandemic behind us, which has also severely afflicted the restaurant sector, the return of the public to the arenas, the growth of television data and the consequent flow that fans of the A2 and B Series championships generate in Old Wild West venues represent the return to an optimal balance of this relationship, which finds both realities winning,” while Crucil emphasizes that: “We believe in basketball as a sport that unites families. Sports and families are important to us, and that is why, with enthusiasm, we continue to believe in and support basketball.”