A project linked to the environment and sustainability with several initiatives: among them, the planting of 300 trees on Monte Bondone, one for every three-pointer scored last year.

With the ‘Aquila Basket Earth Day’ project, Dolomiti Energia Trento won the 2022-23 edition of the ‘Best Marketing Project’ award, instituted by Legabasket. An initiative that has led the club to strengthen the bond between the team and its fans, also leaving a positive impact on the environment and the entire city of Trento.

THE INITIATIVE. The ‘Aquila Basket Earth Day’ project spanned the entire duration of last season and started with a promise: to plant a tree on Monte Bondone for every triple scored by Aquila Basket players in LBA and Eurocup matches. This commitment gave rise to a series of side events, including a treasure hunt that involved over 2,000 people, as well as schools and partner companies, leading to the planting of over 300 trees. An extraordinary result for both the environment and the community, which earned the Trentino club recognition from Legabasket. In addition to this, 23 schools that adhered to the initiative carried out support activities by hosting experts from the Forestry Department with a very specific mission: to make students aware of sensitive environmental issues. Enriching the project by providing further support to the cause was a charity auction for the match uniforms worn by the players during the season.

THE IMPORTANCE OF ‘GREEN’ PROJECTS. Projects such as ‘Aquila Basket Earth Day’ demonstrate how sports and other organisations can have a profound impact beyond the playing field or the volume of business. Such initiatives not only enhance brand reputation, but demonstrate a real commitment to social and environmental causes. These efforts resonate with the community and improve the image that the younger generation in particular has of the company. Projects of this kind also serve to build loyalty from its audience, showing the Company’s dedication to distinguishing itself even in contexts outside the field. At a time when corporate social responsibility is increasingly appreciated, Aquila Basket Trento represents an example of how sports teams can use their influence to create lasting change and gain deserved recognition for their efforts.