On November 7th, Our CEO & Founder Giovanni Palazzi was a guest in the Milan studios of Sportitalia on the program LeoTALK hosted by journalist Valeria Ciardiello.

With him Andrea Zenga and former soccer player and coach Nicola Legrottaglie, as technical voice, to comment on an important weekend for Serie A, which is heading into the long break for the start of the World Cup.

Between analysis and predictions, Giovanni Palazzi also talked about ChainOn, and in particular about the opportunity that the sponsorship marketplace, launched last March, represents to sell also that part, relevant, of sponsorship space that remains unsold: for the Serie A we are even talking about more than 50 million euros every year.

In the following video, a short excerpt from the explanatory speech in Italian of the digital platform ChainOn by Giovanni Palazzi!