Gianrio Falivene, your experience and professionalism have led you to be one of the founding pillars of Cisterna Volleyball. Can you tell us how the new Society was born and your commitment to this project?

Cisterna Volley was born from the idea of a group of people who, until last year, were sponsors of Top Volley Latina: when the club decided not to continue its journey in the Superleague, the business group chose to take over its sports title and entrust me with the role of Sole Administrator, because of the experience that, on a personal level, I have gained in the world of volleyball over the years.


Cisterna Volleyball is the only team from the Lazio Region to participate in the Superleague. To represent a territory in the most beautiful league in the world, is it more of an honor or a responsibility?
It is an honor, without a doubt. We work daily with the goal of becoming a reference point and to be the representatives of an entire region, not just the territory of our city.


Let’s get into the world of marketing and sponsorship: how do you approach potential sponsors when starting with a new cycle like yours?
We want to generate a “Club House” of sponsors, to make sure that the entities that support us can interact outside the volleyball context as well. Right from the start, we have formed internal structures and working groups to help create this organization: we set out with new ideas compared to the concept “classic” of sponsorship, forging ties that go beyond economic investment.


From the very beginning, Cisterna Volleyball has relied on ChainOn to sell exclusive sponsorship packages that put experience and excitement at the center. What is the origin of this collaboration and what do you think it will bring you?
We are talking about two very young realities and, you know, young people among them talk best… Also from personal experience, the digital world belongs to me and therefore, since the presentation of the project, I have shown interest in ChainOn. Having then had the chance to manage the new Company, I chose to seize the opportunity and concretize this partnership.


Last question: will Gianrio Falivene at the end of the season be satisfied… far as the sports aspect is concerned, we would have saved ourselves, while as far as the
managerial, if the digital sponsorships will have helped us reach the budget quota that we have set for ourselves!