19 May 2023

Inter are going to the final, but Milan can console themselves economically: events of this kind generate transversal visibility and are the best advertising vehicle.

               Web: ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

In the end, Dzeko and Lautaro Martinez’s Inter rejoiced as they will once again play in the Champions League final after 13 years. The double derby win against AC Milan has a particularly significant flavour, both in terms of enthusiasm for the Nerazzurri fans and the economic revenue that this double challenge generated.


Record after record: 20 million takings and over 150,000 spectators present

In this double-header, the numbers were synonymous with records: over 20 million euros in total takings in the two matches, more than 150,000 spectators who filled the San Siro and a match that was seen in 115 countries around the world and followed on social media by millions and millions of people.

These are record numbers: the return match played on Tuesday night became the match that generated the most revenue in Italian football (12.5 mln euros), surpassing the first leg match (10.4 mln euros) and Milan – Totthenam in the quarter-finals (9.2 mln euros). In short, this double challenge will remain in history, beyond the verdict of the pitch.

Milan disappointed by the result, but economically…

The disappointment of the double derby lost on the pitch can certainly not be replaced by the economic return given by this Champions League season. But, making some calculations, the income for the Rossoneri (and consequently for the Neroazzurri) was not insignificant: the access to the semifinals alone had brought 12.5 million euros in the coffers of the two teams, which were added to the revenues obtained for the participation, for the matches won, for the ranking of the club at European level and other factors. In short, having played the competition has earned Milan over 82 million euros. Inter will earn an extra 15.5 for reaching the final, and another 4.5 if they win…

Sponsoring an event: with ChainOn it is possible

The visibility that the Champions League semifinal had is something unique, but it makes us think about how certain events generate a hyperbolic growth in terms of interest and following; and, consequently, they can become a channel of visibility decidedly impactful for companies that want to make their brand known and decide to invest in sports sponsorship. In this regard, ChainOn gives companies the opportunity to become a partner even for a single event: this is what happened for the final of the ‘Coppa Italia di LegaPro’ in football, and what can still be done to sponsor Virtus Bologna in the LegaBasketball Playoff Scudetto. What are the real advantages? Maximum visibility in events that see an increase in public involvement and attendance, the possibility of linking one’s name to an event of national importance, and the ease of entering into a ‘last minute’ agreement: thanks to the Blockchain technology adopted by ChainOn, in fact, everything can be done in less than an hour, with secure Smart Contracts and without intermediaries. Thus, with the real and concrete advantage of deciding and acting in the immediacy of the situation.