According to research by StageUp, the organization of the 2023/24 Serie A Basketball Championship and the activities related to the Event carried out by Lega Basket and its 16 member clubs created a boost to the Italian economy, in direct, indirect, and induced terms amounting to €656,964,000.

The research was conducted by StageUp in 2 phases.

In the 1st phase, through surveys of both Championship stakeholders and Basketball League and Club management, the direct impact achieved both through followers and fans of the Event (so-called B2C, Business to Consumer) and through companies (B2B, Business to Business) was quantified. Specifically:

  • the B2C projection looked at the induced revenues on the national economic system generated by Championship stakeholders and Club fans due to the Championship’s performance such as, for example, consumption for ticketing, catering, merchandising, subscriptions to streaming services or for betting. Overall, the B2C impact was estimated at €189.4 million;
  • the B2B projection, on the other hand, refers to revenues induced on the Italian economy thanks to the commercialization of opportunities for businesses related to the presence of the Championship, such as sponsorships, licenses for audiovisual rights, other services built for businesses. Overall, the B2B impact is estimated at € 95 million.

In the 2nd phase, the overall induced impact generated on the country by the Event was worked out, thanks to the application of the Keynesian multiplier, which made it possible to quantify the indirect impact (generated, for example, on the suppliers needed for the opening of the sports arenas and the spectacular management of the matches) and induced impact (i.e., attributable to the change in the income and expenditure levels of the workers involved), which made it possible to estimate the overall economic impact at € 656.9 mln.

It should be emphasized that the study focuses only on economic returns by deliberately not considering the important communicational returns that an Event of this magnitude enables toward the partners and host territories of the Clubs.

Basketball has always played an important role in the economy of our country,” – says Umberto Gandini, President of the Basketball League Serie A – “introducing business models capable of producing benefits to both worlds, sports and economy: I am referring, for example, to the introduction of sponsorship of teams and its Events. This happens thanks to the ability of our clubs to keep up with the times, restarting from difficult times with great efforts, as they have been able to do in these years after the seasons marked by Covid. The results are there for all to see: spectators have increased, touching attendance levels not seen since the 1990s; the spectacle in the arenas has grown; and the increased competitiveness has led to a general growth of our level in Europe. Now in order to consolidate this development and continue to play its full role, it is necessary to concretely deal with the problem of facilities, the inadequacy of which risks becoming a brake on further growth of our sport.”

“Top Championships if well managed,” – says Giovanni Palazzi, StageUp President – “represent an excellent economic and social activator for the Country System: they promote sports, are a flywheel for development, contribute to GDP growth, and promote the improvement of sports infrastructure. The A Series Basketball Championship is again confirmed as a top event: the monetary induced generated on the country is 5.5 times the aggregate turnover of the 16 participating Clubs. All this without taking into account the important communicational returns that the Championship induces towards the partners and host territories of the Clubs, which have not been analyzed.”