Why sponsor a sports club: all the advantages

Sponsoring a sports company offers companies a unique opportunity to connect with a large and passionate audience. Sports sponsorships have become a key part of marketing strategies for many companies, large and small. In addition to enhancing brand visibility and prestige, these sponsorships can generate significant image returns and tax benefits.

Image returns from sports sponsorships

Sponsoring a sports company allows companies to associate their brand with the positive values of sports, such as loyalty, fair play, and determination. This association can significantly improve the public’s perception of the company. Sports events attract large audiences, both live and through the media, providing tremendous exposure. The presence of the company’s logo on jerseys, equipment and at sporting event venues increases brand visibility and makes it easily recognizable.
In addition, sports sponsorships offer emotional marketing opportunities. Fans develop a strong emotional connection with their favorite teams, and companies that support these teams can benefit from this emotional connection. This can translate into increased customer loyalty and improved brand image. Advertising campaigns related to sports sponsorships can also be more effective because of the interest and passion that sporting events generate.

The tax benefits from sports sponsorships

In addition to image benefits, sports sponsorships also offer important tax advantages. In many countries, including Italy, sponsorship expenses are fully deductible from business income as an expense. This means that companies can reduce their tax base and thus pay less tax, making sponsorships a financially advantageous strategy.
In addition, the deductibility of sponsorship expenses incentivizes companies to invest in the world of sports, while promoting the growth and development of sports clubs. This not only benefits companies in terms of lower taxes, but also contributes to the improvement of sports infrastructure and the support of athletes and teams.