San Siro – I tifosi dell’Inter

Contrary to popular belief, Italian football continues to have a certain appeal: this is demonstrated by the Serie A championship, which set a new record for stadium attendance in the 2023/24 season. At the end of the first half of the season, the average number of spectators reached 30.650, thus approaching the figure recorded 25 years ago: in the 1998/99 season, the average number of spectators was 30.762. An encouraging sign: fans are increasingly returning to populate the stands.

L’Olimpico in occasione di una gara della Roma

Growing stadium attendance not only pleases the fans, but also provides a level playing field for sponsors. With an average of over 30,000 spectators per match, brand exposure and commercials shown during the event reach an audience as varied as it is wide. In a nutshell, this translates into a higher return on investment for sponsors. In addition to visibility, however, the issue of the positive associations end consumers create with the brands linked to their favourite teams is also relevant. It is no coincidence, in fact, that 47% of fans state, according to the Sponsor Value research by StageUp and Ipsos, that they have a fairly favourable attitude towards sponsor brands. The trend is also evident in the sponsorship offers of the major national clubs, increasingly linked to the live event experience, in football as in other sports. On ChainOn, the sponsorship marketplace, it is possible to see in detail the packages offered by the clubs that have chosen ChainOn Exclusive and, in case of interest, to close deals with a few clicks and in a simple way. Most of the sponsorship offers on ChainOn are in fact the result of the combination of the two main aspects that lead a company to link up with a major sporting reality: experiencing the sporting event up close (EXPERIENCE) and increasing the visibility of the brand in a context full of passion (BRAND REPUTATION).

La curva del Genoa

Serie A’s positive trend in gaining spectators at the stadium is evident when comparing data from previous years. In 2023/24, the stadium occupancy rate rose to 81.53%, representing an increase from 78.14% last season. Furthermore, the growth in the number of spectators compared to 2022/23 (+6%, it was 28,841) continues a trend that had already started last year, when the second best figure since 2000 was recorded. This success not only benefits the fan experience, but also offers tangible advantages and ample opportunities for sponsors and companies that decide to invest in the sport.

(Cover and article photos are taken from the official websites of the clubs in question)