Napoli is the Italian champion, but Inter is the team earns the most from TV rights. According to ‘Calcio e Finanza’, the turnover is over € 1,000 billion, which is spread over a number of specific and determined factors.

When defining the seasonal budget, all Serie A clubs know that part of the revenue will be linked to television rights: a revenue that, although variable in percentage and also linked to sports performance, remains guaranteed and in certain cases constitutes a significant economic income.

But how are TV rights distributed? And, above all, are they exclusively linked to the final placement in the standings? Let’s say, only partially. Let’s find out how thanks to an analysis by, which estimates the total sum to be distributed at around 1.018 billion euros; all of this, net of mutualities, the so-called parachute and payments for the lower categories (which Serie A must guarantee).


Starting from the total available resources, exactly half is distributed equally among all 20 teams participating in the ‘Serie A‘. What makes the difference is the remaining 50%, which is influenced precisely by sports results (30%) and the so-called ‘catchment area‘ (20%, linked to Auditel data and stadium attendance).

These factors then have internal subdivisions, distributed as follows: 8% of the catchment area is linked to audience figures and 12% to spectators, while among the sporting results, 15% is linked to the final position in the standings of the current season, 10% to the sporting results of the last five years and 5% is generated on the basis of a historical ranking that takes into account the sporting results achieved at national and international level from the 1946/47 sporting season to 20116/2017 (by definition, the sixth prior to the reference season).


On the basis of these percentages, the sporting results only partly influence the division: thus, Inter (third at the end of the season) is the team that cashes in the most (87.1 mln €), followed by the Italian champion Napoli (80.3 mln €) and Milan and Juventus. Lazio, second in the table, is in fifth place in this specific ranking (70.7 mln), while in the ‘relegation zone’, Sampdoria, despite their last place in Serie A, will have almost 40 mln € in revenue, 7 more than Empoli, who finished 14th in the championship.


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