Europe vs. the United States face off in the world’s most prestigious golf competition: with over 200 nations connected, and 600 million people interested worldwide, the Ryder Cup is fertile ground for luxury brands.

The allure of the Ryder Cup has finally landed at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome, for the first time in history in Italy. The competition, which will take place from Friday to Sunday, has long been the subject of much anticipation, with tickets sold out months ago and a forecast of 250,000 spectators crowding the stands and the club’s renowned green lawn. This is not only a sporting competition but a global showcase for the capital, attracting tourists and the attention of golf enthusiasts from all over the world. Teams representing the United States and Europe will compete, bringing with them a charge of emotion, drama and passion that make the Ryder Cup a unique event.

RECORD VISIBILITY, BIG RETURNS FOR SPONSORS. The Ryder Cup is not only a major event for golf fans, but also for sponsors. The competition will be broadcast in as many as 201 countries and with over 80 cameras scattered along the 18 holes to capture every moment of action, it represents an unparalleled opportunity for visibility: the numbers expected are more than 600 million people worldwide will follow the event. Sold-out tickets and sold-out hotel rooms testify to the popularity of this event, guaranteeing significant returns for the sponsors who have invested in this extraordinary showcase. The Ryder Cup has become fertile ground for high-end and luxury brands that wish to associate their image with the elegance and passion of the sport.

The Partners of the event can be consulted at this link: and so, you can see that there are different types of sponsorship. They range from world-class companies that associate their name with the Ryder Cup, the so-called Worldwide Partners: AON, Capgemini, BMW, Citi, Rolex, Dp World, Hilton. And then there are the official suppliers, which are divided between those who choose to associate their brand with the competition in a broad sense, and those who instead support one of the two teams (US or Europe).

THE ELEGANCE OF THE DISCIPLINE. The Ryder Cup offers an unparalleled opportunity for high-end brands to create lasting and meaningful connections with their audience. The event exemplifies the inherent elegance of golf, both in the impeccable attire of the players and the refined atmosphere of the prestigious venues in which it takes place. The synergy between golf and luxury is evident, allowing brands to express their commitment to excellence and exclusivity.

USA VS. EUROPE, THE ETERNAL CHALLENGE. The roots of the Ryder Cup go back as far as 1927 and is held every two years. Battling it will be the United States, captained by Zach Johnson, and Europe, under the leadership of Luke Donald. The Americans have come to Italy with their families, reinforcing the team spirit that makes this competition so special. There will be no Italian golfers to do battle on the greens. However, the spectacle will not be lacking: the likes of Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Ricky Fowler and many others are ready to provide excitement. All set, then, for the ultimate celebration of golf and the tradition of the sport.



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