Today live on Facebook and Youtube was presented Chainon, a digital marketplace, the 1st in the World, to sell and buy sponsorships, TV rights and licensing in sports, culture and entertainment. It’s a revolution based on blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The strengths of Chainon, born from STAGEUP and Par-Tec S.p.A., are mainly three: professional services, efficiency and safety. With the new platform finding your partner will become easier, faster, transparent. The digital marketplace Chainon impacts on a market that today moves 800 billion dollars. The sports segment alone reached the value of 488 billion dollars in 2018. Not only that. It fits into a context of great acceleration of the ongoing digitization processes, and reinforced by the global health emergency. Just think that the value of the only digitization processes related to sport in the World, which today are worth 11.9 billion dollars, will reach, in 2025, 35.7 billion, with an increase of +222%.

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