“Sponsorship: a radical change coming?” is the title of the podcast featuring our CEO Giovanni
Palazzi, produced by Sport Business Italia and already available at the link

The world of sponsorships has often remained one step behind the technological advancement in
the various market trends, but ChainOn is making a real disruption in the sports market: but now
this is no longer enough, because internet has revolutionized the market, and the cost of many
agreements is no longer sustainable if there is simply visibility as a return.

Many advances have been made but the increasingly pressing need for analytics and performance
measurement has again questioned many of the models generating new opportunities and
reflections on the future of this world that significantly impacts the sports market
Chain On is a digital marketplace for buying and selling sponsorships, media rights and licensing
rights, a platform that will open many possibilities even for smaller clubs, who will be able to
create the marketing plan sponsor and make themselves visible even to much more important
players than those with whom they usually collaborate. It therefore opens a theme of meritocracy
that is often missed and that will undoubtedly lead companies to focus more importantly on those
figures able to generate packages that are actually attractive able to enhance brand heritage of
clubs and possible partners. This will give a further boost to the transformation process of the
clubs and the need for professionalization of the industry.

You can listen the episode also on Spotify, Apple podcast @sportbusinessitalia | Linktree