27 June 2022

Sponsorship by businesses to support Amateur Sports Associations is extremely advantageous for several reasons.
One of the main reasons is the deductibility of advertising expenses incurred during a fiscal year. Costs incurred in sponsoring ASDs, such as through jersey branding, must be proportional to the benefits obtained in terms of visibility and the relevance the sponsor gains.
Supporting amateur associations financially also allows for better framing of the target audience for which a product is intended.
Sports at the competitive level have a very large and diverse audience, while amateur associations have a smaller fanbase with much more similar interests.
In these smaller entities, fans’ attachment to the sportsmen and the team also seems to have deeper roots than in larger entities; this guarantees sponsors, in the face of a smaller visibility in strictly numerical terms, a more visceral attachment linked to purely sentimental reasons.

Sponsorship, as mentioned earlier, is an extremely beneficial form of advertising because it allows the values of a sport or event to be translated to the brand that decides to sponsor the star team or team. The fans or event participants take part in the event with a well-disposed spirit and in an active way (they are not passively reached by the advertisement while watching TV in the living room at home, but with their own means of transportation they travel to the event venue).
The value identity between sponsor and sponsee is crucial for a successful collaboration between the two parties, but the proportionality and geographical proximity between the two parties to the agreement is also important.
Let’s absurdly imagine that the small local merchant decides to sponsor the Italian national soccer team, the expense for him would be unsustainable and the economic return would not be satisfactory, since the fans of the Italian national team are distributed all over the peninsula. For the local merchant, the ideal is to find a team or tournament with sponsorship prices proportional to the size of the small store and close in geographical terms, that is, whose spectators are also close to the store.

Sports sponsorship helps not only sponsors to gain visibility, but also sponsees to finance their activities. Thus an amateur sports association, through sponsorships can finance its projects independently ensuring a longer-lasting continuity of sponsorship.

Chainon.it aims to be an alternative solution for self-funding ASDs. In this sense, a platform that enables the procurement of resources through blockchain can bring numerous advantages. First of all, in terms of multiplicity of supply: the ASD will no longer be “forced” to find exclusively local resources, but thanks to the database of investors, it will be able to find sponsors who will join because of the goodness of the presented project and not only because of a proximity criterion. Secondly, the sponsored ASD will be able to save up to 97% in brokerage costs, with an obvious competitive advantage in such a complex market. Ultimately, the extreme speeding up of transactions, and the lowering of costs and negotiation time is an obvious plus, even for last minute or single event resourcing.

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