MotoGP World Championship 2024: competitiveness and interest continuing to grow

The 75th edition of the top motorcycle competition starts again this Sunday in Qatar: 18 states, 21 weekends and 42 races.

Will there be the third consecutive world success of “Pecco” Bagnaia? Who will be the main rivals and what impact will the arrival of Marc Marquez on the “Rossa” with Team Gresini have? Will Jorge Martin be able to repeat the excellent 2023 world championship? Will Yamaha, Honda and KTM be able to climb back up and reduce the gap with Ducati, or will the Borgo Panigale manufacturer continue to be the “big voice”? These are some of the (many) insights that the 2024 world championship may give: which starts on Sunday from Qatar and which, as always, will be exciting and engaging.


As mentioned, the arrival of Marc Marquez at the helm of the Ducati of the Gresini Racing team is one of the main suggestions: the Faenza-based team has composed the pair of brothers, and dreams big. But, in addition to this, there are a number of innovations that are on the horizon for the new season and that are expected to further increase competitiveness and spectacle within a championship that was already revolutionized in a positive way last year.

Among these, one is certainly the inclusion of concessions, from the pre-season testing stages and even during the course of the same, vis-à-vis certain teams by Dorna, the Company that runs the races. These include the possibility of relying on private testing, more tires, engines and aerodynamic packages: the goal is to reduce the gap to rivals considered further ahead, such as Ducati, with the allocation based on a division of manufacturers into four descending clusters, which depend on points from last season (source Sport e Finanza).

In addition, there are sustainability-related changes in fuel, which will have to include the use of 40% non-fossil fuels. Looking forward to the 2027 season, where the incidence of the same will be 100% (source Sport e Finanza).


The “Sponsor Value” StageUp and Ipsos research, analyzing data from the 2023 season, showed how the new generation of Italian riders, led by two-time world champion Francesco Bagnaia, and the introduction of important new features such as the speed race, brought among Italians a 2.2% increase in interest compared to the previous year: those interested in MotoGp in Italy are more than 23 million, behind only Serie A soccer and Formula One. In addition, the worldwide pool of interest has been estimated at 340 million people with an average audience per race of about 24 million, making the circuit obviously rich in opportunities for partners and investors.

Among these, certainly important is that of Title Sponsor of the Grand Prix, which guarantees great visibility throughout the weekend:some examples are Qatar Airways for the first Grand Prix of the season, Tissot for the Grand Prix of Portugal, Red Bull for the Grand Prix of the Americas in Texas and the Italian one in Misano, Monster Energy for the Grand Prix of Catalunya and the English one in Silverstone.

A choice, that of these global companies, also given by the general growth in interest: 2023 saw a total of about 3 million spectators at circuits around the world, and an increase of +33% in revenue compared to the previous championship (source Sport e Finanza). Credit, among other things, to new sponsorships and television rights.


Thus begins again a season that promises to be interesting in so many ways, with each Grand Prix promising spectacle right from Friday qualifying.


A phenomenon, that of MotoGp, which is becoming more and more engaging and participatory: companies, today, sponsor no longer with the sole objective of having visibility, but also to live that experience and those emotions that only races like these give: the presence in the paddock, the possibility of living the grand prix in contact with the pilots, being protagonists on the track and in the collateral events, are some of the opportunities most sought after by investors

It is precisely on these aspects that ChainOn relies, through its partnerships in the motorcycle racing sector, with LCR Honda Team and Gresini Racing.

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