The total investments in sponsorships on the jerseys (obtained by adding the expenses for Main, Second, Back, Sleeve and Technical Sponsor) of the 20 clubs of Serie A football is €335 million, of which 230 million (69%) come from commercial partnerships and the remaining 31%, 105 million, from the technical ones.

The data that emerge from the report “Economic analysis of sponsorships – Football Serie A 2021/2022“, by ChainOn, the digital marketplace to sell and buy sponsorships in sport through the use of proprietary algorithms, blockchain and artificial intelligence, in collaboration with StageUp.

The report is the first of a series that will deepen the investments in sponsorship in the Italian sports championships.
The spending of the trading partners (€ 230 million) increased by 35%, compared to the 2020/2021 season in which it had reached 170 million. The reasons for this important growth? First of all the advent of the sponsors of the sector blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which invest € 62 million, followed by the adoption by the top teams of the “sleeve sponsorship” (present on the sleeve of the game uniform).
The product sector with the most of sponsorship is the automotive (30% of market share), in second place blockchain and cryptocurrencies (27%), and then Information Communication Technology (14%). The Jeep/Juventus and Mediacom/Fiorentina pairings are worth mentioning.

The only main sponsorship (on the front of the game uniforms and larger than the others) are worth 173 million. Inter, Juventus and Milan, alone, collect 46% of this sum while the other 17 clubs have a share of 54%. The average amount that a sponsor must make available to become “main” of a Serie A club is € 8,650,000. The entire research report is available to early adopters of