The Friulian club has been pursuing a sustainability policy for years, and next season’s match kits have a clear appeal: they will feature a green band in the collar and other details of the shirt. The topic of sustainability is central nowadays, also with regard to blockchain.

Sustainability, first of all. At a time when initiatives follow one another and are the order of the day, there is one football club in Italy that for years has been pursuing a clear policy to raise awareness among its fans, and the world of football in general: Udinese Calcio.

The new match jersey for the 2023/2024 season, produced in collaboration with technical sponsor Macron (which carries on the Macron 4 the planet project) features various green references (collar, sleeve, technical sponsor logo): a colour that has little to do with the Friulian club’s tradition (black/white), but which strongly refers to the ‘Green’ theme.

Udinese is the most ecological team in Italy and is fourth in the special ranking made by Brand Finance Football Sustainability Perceptions Index 2023, on the basis of a survey conducted with fans of the teams of the top 5 European leagues (Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany): Liverpool is in first place, followed by Betis Sevilla and Real Madrid, which are ahead of the Friulians.
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In addition to the issue of match uniforms made from environmentally sustainable fabrics, the club has been pursuing a number of initiatives for years: these include a campaign to greatly reduce the consumption of plastic at the stadium and the exclusive use of renewable energy sources for energy supply at home matches; in addition, a campaign to plant trees has been espoused and the club has joined the United Nations’ Sport For Climate Action programme to promote greater environmental responsibility. Magda Pozzo, Strategic Marketing Coordinator of Udinese Calcio, talks about this in this interview with

Football has an important media impact: the information campaigns that Udinese carries out are also designed to be a communication and awareness-raising vehicle for fans and enthusiasts in general, nationally and internationally. There is another club in Italy that works with these initiatives and was awarded with the “Primo Premio Innovazione ChainOn”: Potenza Calcio, in the season just ended, carried out a programme focused on sustainability and fan awareness in tune with the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda: among these, there were also initiatives related to the reduction of plastic consumption, with a particular focus on sharing with members and fans.

The topic of sustainability is also strictly topical in the field of innovation and blockchain, one of the revolutionary technologies on which ChainOn is founded. In #BlogChain articles, it is highlighted how users are becoming more and more environmentally aware every day: ChainOn is also constantly moving towards environmental sustainability, working in the direction of reducing energy consumption related to its private blockchain and digital systems.

Below are some blogchain articles that address this topic:

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